Lobby & Atrium

Upon entering the building, tenants will encounter a dramatic experience of light, air, and space in the monumental entrance lobby. The sublime white marble-clad lobby is a serene space of immense proportions. The triple height ceiling, approximately 33' high, and exquisite natural materials, provide a luxurious sanctuary from the Miami bustle and a cool, peaceful, and reflective atmosphere, enhanced by sunlight via multiple skylights and atmospheric lighting.

The central atrium is an essential expression of Campo Baeza’s signature style with its understated ambiance, purity of design, and subtle detailing. From the movement of light to the brilliance of materiality, the atrium becomes an almost meditative space that shapes the tone for the rest of the building experience. A timeless Bridalveil tree is positioned at the heart of the courtyard, providing a vibrant and natural focal point for office floors throughout the building.


A harmonious environment of the highest quality has been designed to uplift, inspire, and enhance productivity. With 390 linear feet of floor-to-ceiling glass on each office floor, the design creates abundant natural light and uplifting views of the ocean and surrounding area. The building is spacious and flexible with open floor plates that can be adapted for quarter, half, or full-floor tenants.

Unparalleled 14’ slab-to-slab ceiling heights further enhance the spatial experience throughout the office floors.

The possibility to create highly sought-after indoor-outdoor working environments is one of the unparalleled opportunities provided by The Fifth - with full wraparound external private terrace space available on each floor. The ability to step out from the office onto a private terrace and enjoy sunshine and fresh air, while working, provides a healthy environment which is of meaningful value to the well-being of employees and principals alike.


Bathrooms in common areas are wrapped in exquisite Italian leathered grey Tundra marble and glow with cove lighting that enhances the sublime floating vanities and mirrors.

Fitness Center & Spa

The Fifth fosters a community atmosphere with its range of contemporary services and wellness spaces. The luxurious amenity suite, designed for enhanced well-being, has been carefully curated and includes a spa and state-of-the-art fitness center with Technogym equipment and a personal training room.

Renowned interior architecture firm Gabellini Sheppard is known for creating timeless spaces of elevated simplicity by selecting precious natural materials. The Fifth’s interiors include extensive oak mill work, Tundra marble, Bendheim glass, as well as cove and atmospheric lighting. The result is a highly refined ambiance, with spaces that feel as inviting and warm as a five-star spa retreat.

Rooftop Terrace

The rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views, dedicated outdoor fitness areas, and lounge elements, incorporating lush vegetation and greenery. Tenants can exercise in the fresh air on the rooftop using premium functional HIIT training equipment or host yoga sessions in the dedicated fitness space, while enjoying the panoramic views.

A selection of lounge areas have been created for relaxation or group gatherings, where colleagues can meet, have a meal and share moments during their workday in this private oasis. The landscaped areas provide an opportunity for employees to reconnect with nature throughout the day and are curated with native plant species including purple Bougainvillea and Asian Snow jasmine.

Fine Dining

A thoughtful selection of on-site dining venues will be available at ground level to provide healthy, convenient dining options to those working in the building. A best-in-class dining establishment will occupy a significant component of the ground floor and mezzanine space. The restaurant will offer private servicing/catering to all floors and rooftop terrace via dumbwaiter.

Juice Bar & Cafe

It will incorporate a unique courtyard seating area within a butterfly sanctuary that hosts native plants including Sky Vines and Sky Flowers.

Additional Services & Facilities

Included in the amenity suite is a wide range of sophisticated services and facilities to create an effortless everyday office experience. There will be concierge and security services available in the entrance lobby to assist tenants with their daily tasks. The two onsite parking facilities will be operated by a valet parking service and offer digital retrieval technology. Two car elevators have been installed in the lower ground level parking area so that automobiles can be carefully parked and efficiently retrieved by valet attendants. A luxury car sharing service will also be available on-site. A private driver and building-dedicated vehicle will be made available to tenants for transport to local amenities.