LEED Experience

Elevated, sustainable design that creates a superior work experience

The project has been designed and planned in accordance with LEED Certification requirements to exceed LEED Gold classification. Beyond contributing to a more sustainable environment, LEED-certified spaces create a more comfortable working atmosphere, reporting higher recruitment and retention rates, increased employee productivity, and can contribute to more positive employee health, with reduced risk of illness. LEED-certified spaces are also reported to reduce maintenance costs by 20% and can reduce operation costs by 10%.

LEED gold Certification

Unparalleled architecture and quality

Direct access to nature and vegetation

Access to sustainable transportation

Maximized natural daylight and views

Community experience through curated building amenities designed to promote health & wellness

Electric Vehicle (EV) car charging stations and car sharing services

Increased energy efficiency and thermal comfort

Increased ventilation and indoor air quality

Reduced water consumption

Control of interior lighting and reduce exterior light pollution

Tenant flexibility in building systems

Optimized building technology and security

Implementation of wellness technology

Reduced construction waste and sustainable construction methods/materials

The project has an abundance of outdoor, open space, with significant, lush landscaping areas. All site landscaping has been curated and specified as native and adaptive to the South Florida climate, which supports the biodiversity of the area, restores the habitat, and minimizes water usage on site. This abundance of landscaping provides office tenants with direct access to the natural environment, and reprieve from the urban context.

The building design provides increased energy efficiency and thermal comfort, exceeding building code and ASHRAE standards by more than 5%. The design utilizes a glazing system that is hurricane resistant, with Low-E coating and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .23, as well as deep balconies, which minimize solar radiation through the building envelope and reduces overall energy costs for the building. Additionally, the significant amount of exterior space and glazing allows for a healthier way of working, with increased access to daylight, views, and the natural environment.