This is The Fifth

More than an office: a place of beauty, artistry, and craft. The Fifth will become an elevated oasis for its tenants while embracing the local landscape. A place where people sincerely look forward to working within. A redefinition of the modern office experience.

Building Sketch by Master Architect, Alberto Campo Baeza
Building Sketch by Master Architect,
Alberto Campo Baeza

A New Paradigm

The way we work has changed. So too must our working environments. The focus must now be on creating office environments that benefit the users - enhancing their daily life and providing an ideal atmosphere in which they can produce their best work. Buildings in which employee health and wellness are the top priority, and connectivity and teamwork are embraced. Offices that inspire, nurture, and strengthen teams, as they positively impact the community.

“In Miami Beach, we want to create the world’s most beautiful office building.”
alberto campo baeza — master architect

Master Architect, Alberto Campo Baeza and the Project Vision

The Fifth called for an architect that could understand this paradigm shift and create a timeless and elegant design solution. Alberto Campo Baeza was selected. He is one of the great master architects of our time and has built a select number of pristine buildings for which he has received countless architecture awards. Campo Baeza’s body of work is best defined as poetic architecture due to its simplicity, beauty, and exquisite detailing.

His design for The Fifth began with a simple white cube. Campo Baeza has transformed this pure, geometric form into a sculptural jewel box that is shrouded in precious white marble, transparent glass, and clean white concrete. The building’s thoughtful design has been developed with a focus on health, well-being, and sustainability at its core. The building is exceptionally open and bright and creates a dialogue with the natural elements through its biophilic design, incorporating extensive outdoor terraces, a majestic central atrium, and an impressive rooftop with expansive ocean and water views. An abundance of landscaped outdoor spaces and the inclusion of a suite of world-class amenities including two dining venues, indoor and outdoor gyms, and spa, result in a truly unprecedented office experience which emphasizes the importance of wellness in the workspace.

"We have designed a very simple building, ordered, very transparent and bright."
alberto campo baeza — master architect